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Maimane is the Protector of Octolliard. He weans the World of Twelve off the last of the warm weather to prepare its occupants for Novamaire's arrival little by little. Easy does it... Easy... Maimane is the master of tact, which is why he sealed the human emotions into totems - so the World can stay cool, calm and relaxed... just like him!


Those born under the sign of Scurvion really are venomously intelligent little pests! They will jump at any opportunity to rock the boat. They fill conversations with small, snide comments and will crack jokes about the speaker as soon as they have the opportunity.

Rikoo is the Meridia of Furs. He protects many animals from the blistering cold, and makes Bow Meows so soft and fluffy that female Enutrofs can't stop stroking them from dawn till dusk!

The Meridian Effect

Today, the fur will fly! If you don't want to catch cold, hurry up and stock up on pelts for your winter wardrobe. With some sturdy padding and a nice soft hood, your cape will be the talk of the town!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Loot
The chances of obtaining loot from Lonesome Pine Trail monsters are increased by 75%.

Quest: Offering for Rikoo

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Find 2 Sabredon Hair and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Poor little Gerbies! They're hunted for their fur by all the most cowardly hunters. Naturally, the Giant Gerbie is none too pleased about that... And when its fur stands on end, there's a real spark in the air...