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Karlita is the Meridia of Twilight. She's responsible for imbuing the sky with gold just after the sun sets, filtering the sun's last rays for the day and knitting them into a final veil of light. They say she wants as much light as possible to hunt down her arch-rival, Ben de Blanco from Brakmar, but for most of us, her work is just a beautiful end to the day.

The Meridian Effect

At last, a spotlight on twilight! I mean, it's not as though it hasn't already had a disproportionate amount of attention in popular culture and the press! Make the most of today by enjoying a twilit walk with your loved one. Just be careful you don't run into trouble... They say Boowolves prowl in these parts, me lad!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Increased challenges
Bonuses gained by completing challenges are increased by 150% against creatures in the Boowolf family.

Quest: Offering for Karlita

Find 7 Boowolf Canine and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Solar was the first Protector of Javian. The extent of his power depended on the height of the sun in the sky, so he was a maestro at midday, but a sissy at sundown! That's why Djaul chose to attack at twilight. That day, night enveloped not only the World of Twelve, but also... Solar's life!