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Pouchecot is the Protector of Frauguctor. "The Fruitcake", as he's known, has an extraordinary sense of humour and never misses a chance to go bananas! He knows how to knuckle down, though, especially when it comes to making sure that the World's fruit ripens at the right rate every year. All in all, he's not a bad apple!


Adventurers born under the sign of Bworkette are particularly naive. Graced with limited intelligence, they regularly find themselves being wound up by people with bad intentions. When they realise they've been deceived, they tend to see red... and start spouting torrents of profanity so insane that even the Bworkette would have trouble getting her tongue around them!

The Meridian Effect

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Saved ingredients
Craftsmen have a 15% chance of keeping their ingredients when they craft items in the Amakna Forest area.

Quest: Offering for Bitkyo

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Find 3 Sesame Seed Bread and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest