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Djaul is the Protector of Descendre. He has one dream and one dream alone: to plunge the World of Twelve into an eternal winter. How? By prolonging his month ad infinitum, of course! Every year he battles with Jiva in hope of purloining a few of her precious days. Fortunately for us, the Protector of Javian is having none of it!


Adventurers born under the sign of Centoror are born “takers”. That means that they have an annoying tendency to take others' belongings for themselves. Their motto is “All that is yours is mine - especially if it’s valuable!” If they're unlucky enough to be an Enutrof disciple too, this character trait will make them the biggest skinflint known to man!

Reivax is the Meridia of Joy. He's always happy - it's as simple as that! Sometimes, he's just happy about being happy! Other times, he's extra happy that he's happy about being happy! On the odd occasion, you'll even find him happy that he's happy about... Obviously, to everyone else, he's a right drag.

The Meridian Effect

Today, there'll be joy, joy, everywhere, falling from the sky and bouncing on the rooftops! The inhabitants of the World of Twelve won't waste a second when it comes to expressing their elation, be it by dancing, singing... or massacring a few monsters (whilst dancing and singing, of course)! Watch out...

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Loot
The chances of obtaining loot from Kwismas monsters are increased by 75%.

Quest: Offering for Reivax

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Find 2 Snowflake and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Calypso di Mettronome is an Ecaflip from the Wakfu Era. She lived a quiet, mournful life after being separated from her beloved, Gresgaoulian the dragon. Until the day, that is, when she regained possession of the Dofus that had bound them, and the two were reunited...