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Maimane is the Protector of Octolliard. He weans the World of Twelve off the last of the warm weather to prepare its occupants for Novamaire's arrival little by little. Easy does it... Easy... Maimane is the master of tact, which is why he sealed the human emotions into totems - so the World can stay cool, calm and relaxed... just like him!


Adventurers born under the sign of Kilibriss are eternally dissatisfied. No matter what they do, they’ll always want more. They like to be the centre of attention (and gravity!) and never miss the opportunity to boast or flaunt themselves.

Moomoo is the Meridia of Forgetfulness. He can sneak into people's minds and steal their memories: the dates of birthdays, history lessons, where they left their dungeon keys... Why so vicious? Nobody knows. Even Moomoo has forgotten.

The Meridian Effect

Today is the perfect day to forget about all your worries and strife and turn over a new leaf. Some people use the opportunity to turn their back on past mistakes, whilst others spend the day trying desperately to remember... to remember... argh, what was it again? The ghosts of the past, on the other hand, are trying their very best NOT to be forgotten!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Experience points
Experience gained by fighting Pandala ghosts is increased by 75%.

Quest: Offering for Moomoo

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Find 2 Maho Firefoux Ghost Bone and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Bordegann, the powerful warrior from the Wakfu Era, fell victim to a curse which made him lose his memory. He forgot that his lovely fiancée, Alia, even existed! Fortunately, the heroes from the Brotherhood of the Tofu are never in too much of a rush to help out in emergencies...