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Brumaire is the Protector of Novamaire. He takes the World of Twelve in his icy grip, freezing everything he can lay his hands on. Nothing and nobody is spared, because his heart is as cold as the ice he spreads. His glacial demeanour might be somewhat unpleasant, but at least you can't accuse him of being a drip!


Adventurers born under the sign of Centoror are born “takers”. That means that they have an annoying tendency to take others' belongings for themselves. Their motto is “All that is yours is mine - especially if it’s valuable!” If they're unlucky enough to be an Enutrof disciple too, this character trait will make them the biggest skinflint known to man!

Fafah is the Meridia of Oats. Apparently he's a pro at planting his seed... and then disappearing off, leaving it to grow all alone. His secret to a solid, golden ear? His voice. That's right; he encourages the oats to grow by singing to them. Grow, grow, grow my oat...

The Meridian Effect

Ears, grains or flakes. It doesn't matter the form, it's hard not to love oats! On this special day you're going to be able to fill tons and tons of bags full of them. Sorry? What on earth do you mean you 'don't care'?!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Plenty to harvest
The quantity of Oats harvested by farmers is increased by 125%.

Quest: Offering for Fafah

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Find 20 Oats and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Davyd is a well-known minstrel and farmer from the Dofus age. Known for his curious tendency to thresh his crops all the while singing a little song, he was considered a bit of an oddity. He loved maize mazes but was most hunky dory in an oat labyrinth.