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Adventurers born under the sign of the Seadragon have bravery in their blood. Saving a widow or an orphan comes naturally to them; an admirable quality, as long as they don’t get too bogged down. Come hell or high water they’ll do their best to help others, but might wind up being left in troubled waters themselves.

Fanny Eppy's Feast Day
Once upon a time, Thwee Kings on a quest for new territories got lost at sea for 10 long years. When almost all of their provisions had run dry, they decided to make a cake with their very last Cawwots. Unfortunately, the veggies had gone off some time before... and the very first bite caused the Kings' teeth to crack!
Sebklav is the Meridia of Majesty. He loves pomp and circumstance so much that he vowed to protect kings, queens and all those associated with their regal activities. But those high-flying individuals should never try to take advantage of his powers... He won't think twice before robbing them of their crown and their place on the throne!

The Meridian Effect

Today, you're going to have a sudden urge to climb up onto the throne! Don't get your hopes up too high, though, as the most ornate crown you're likely to be seen wearing is made of paper. It's traditional to eat a Thwee Kings Cake today in commemoration of Fanny Eppy, a Wabbit who perfected the recipe. Just make sure there's no fur in yours... You wouldn't want to look like the king of Enutrofs with a makeshift beard!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Repeatable quest
A special repeatable quest is available today near the Bakers' Workshop in Amakna Village. It is available to players of level 20 or higher and is not attached to the offering quest.

Quest: Offering for Sebklav

Find 2 Wo Wabbit Hair and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



King Sheran Sharm is the sovereign ruler of the Sadida Kingdom in the Wakfu Era. Aided by the venerable Chamberlain Tofdrew, he has a lot on his plate, what with an entire population to take care of and a kingdom to protect from attack. He also has a lot on his plate literally speaking, but that's another story!