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Maimane is the Protector of Octolliard. He weans the World of Twelve off the last of the warm weather to prepare its occupants for Novamaire's arrival little by little. Easy does it... Easy... Maimane is the master of tact, which is why he sealed the human emotions into totems - so the World can stay cool, calm and relaxed... just like him!


Adventurers born under the sign of Kilibriss are eternally dissatisfied. No matter what they do, they’ll always want more. They like to be the centre of attention (and gravity!) and never miss the opportunity to boast or flaunt themselves.

All Arrows Eve
They say that All Arrows Eve was masterminded by Bill Tell after an arrow zoomed out of nowhere and shot straight through the apple he was about to eat. Taking this as a sign from the heavens, the Cra decided to organise a grand archery contest in honour of his goddess.
Chik is the Meridia of Collaboration. He's dedicated to making sure that couples understand one another and friends get along like a house on fire. He does have a nasty habit of letting a little too much information slip, though!

The Meridian Effect

Today is dedicated to the goddess Cra. It's a great opportunity to test out your shooting in the archery contest! Erm... Provided you know how to aim, that is. If you don't, maybe you could just cheer your allies on. Erm... Provided they know how to aim, that is. If not, maybe you could all just watch.

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Repeatable quest
A special repeatable quest is available today near the fountain in Amakna Village. It is available to players of level 20 or higher and is not attached to the offering quest.

Quest: Offering for Chik

Find 3 Twiggy Bow and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



If there's one Cra who knows how to make her goddess proud, it's Cleophelia! Evangelyne's pretty, rebellious little sister has more than one string to her bow! After taking the arenas by storm and earning the nickname of The Black Arrow, this little ball of energy became a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu.