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Brumaire is the Protector of Novamaire. He takes the World of Twelve in his icy grip, freezing everything he can lay his hands on. Nothing and nobody is spared, because his heart is as cold as the ice he spreads. His glacial demeanour might be somewhat unpleasant, but at least you can't accuse him of being a drip!


Those born under the sign of Scurvion really are venomously intelligent little pests! They will jump at any opportunity to rock the boat. They fill conversations with small, snide comments and will crack jokes about the speaker as soon as they have the opportunity.

Night of the Bandeads
A long time ago, Sram proudly burgled all the homes in the World of Twelve in one night. ""How did he succeed this ungodly feat?"" you cry. By summoning an army of Chafers and sending them to do the dirty work for him. We celebrate this mass theft, strangely enough, and it goes by the name of the Night of the Bandeads.
Reniator is the Meridia of Plotting and is as cunning as a Lenald! Thanks to him, we are able to work our way out of any delicate situation, from repelling an enemy army to seizing a dungeon (and even getting out of doing the washing up!)...

The Meridian Effect

Today is the day dedicated to the god of theft. Obviously Rogues and Srams love this day and so there's nothing to stop you from committing a petty theft too (yes, that includes you Eniripsas too!). Just remember that it's always a good idea to plan everything in advance so any snags are cut to the bone!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Repeatable quest
A special repeatable quest is available today near the statue of the god Sram in Astrub. It is available to players of level 20 or higher and is not attached to the offering quest.

Quest: Offering for Reniator

Find 2 Leurnettes and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest



Ogivol Scalarcin, a Sram bandit from the Dofus Era, was punished by Xelor for having committed one too many thefts. His bones were pulled apart and his limbs became as soft as Strawberry Jelly. Ever since, he's been plotting to free himself from this curse he is under.