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Almanax 16 Descendre
Father Whupper Day
One fine day, Father Whupper chanced upon a problem: if Kwismas was invented to reward good little ...

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Pouchecot is the Protector of Frauguctor. "The Fruitcake", as he's known, has an extraordinary sense of humour and never misses a chance to go bananas! He knows how to knuckle down, though, especially when it comes to making sure that the World's fruit ripens at the right rate every year. All in all, he's not a bad apple!

Bow Meow

Adventurers born under the sign of the Bow Meow are experienced seducers who use their natural charm to get whatever it is they desire. Because they're worth it! Don't be fooled by a simple flick of their hair – it doesn't necessarily mean that they're charming down to the core. You only have to scratch the surface to see that underneath they're as naked and vulnerable as a Blue Larva.

Theomak is the Meridia of hope! He nurtures this feeling in peoples' hearts. Thanks to him, young ladies wait impatiently for their Prince Charming… and then, years later, wait impatiently for him to be gone!

The Meridian Effect

Today you'll be full of hope! Got a test today, but you didn't study? No worries, you're a good guesser! Exploring an unknown forest without a map or compass? Not a problem – your great sense of direction will surely save you! As they say, hope springs eternal…

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Experience Points and Loot
Experience gains and chances of obtaining loot are increased by 25% in the Vulkania forest zones.

Quest: Offering for Theomak

Find 2 Juvenile Smoke and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest


DOFUS Touch bonuses and quests

Bonus: Lucky stars
Stars will appear on monster groups more quickly than usual in the Vulkanian Forest areas: one star will appear every 10 minutes.

Quest: Offering for Theomak

Find 2 Juvenile Smoke and take the offering to Antyklime Ax


The alchemist Nileza created this potion in the hopes of being granted immortality. Unfortunately, he died before he could use it, mistaking some poisoned Unikron Blood (which was in the bottle next to it on the shelf) for it.