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In the beginning, there was nothing. A void. Then, suddenly, the two energies that created everything burst forth: Wakfu, incarnated by the Great Goddess, and Stasis, incarnated by the Great Dragon. As they were all alone, it didn't take very long for boredom to set in.

So, to pass the time (even though time didn't really exist yet!), they started dancing. From this dance, and from the love of the Great Dragon for the Goddess, a cosmic egg was born: the Krosmoz, the universe.
The vast universe of the Krosmoz comprised thousands and thousands of planets, but there was one in particular that was going to be the epicentre of the most extraordinary events. It is said that at the beginning of time, this planet was populated by a powerful civilisation that was wiped out by a terrible war. Myths indicate that the planet remained barren for millennia before a second generation of gods cropped up. One of these gods, Osamodas, was a dab hand with a whip...

With one crack of his weapon, he sent his sacred dragons to breathe life into the desolate lands. Thus, the World of Ten was created, and named for the ten gods present.
It is in this world that the most powerful heroes of the Krosmoz were incarnated. Heroes as solid as Cracklers and as strong as Trools, often with less intelligence than Tofus. By praying to the gods, these adventurers managed to acquire phenomenal powers!

Understandably, worship played an important part in their lives. Two minor goddesses seized the opportunity during this deluge of devotion to develop their hitherto unheard-of religions, joining the others in the divine pantheon. This double culmination resulted in twelve gods ruling over the planet, whose name consequently needed to be changed!

Henceforth, the land was declared 'the World of Twelve'...
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