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Eltux is the Meridia of the Colour Blue. So he's why the sky and sea are that colour! Does that mean he's to blame for your bruises too...?

The Meridian Effect

Today is the ideal day for diving headfirst into your dear one's ocean-coloured eyes. Why don't you give a rendition of the song Behind Blue Piwis or offer her a necklace made of blue-tinted metal? There's no need to feel blue... Well, there is but... you know!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Plenty of ore
The quantity of Cobalt harvested by miners is increased by 150%.

Quest: Offering for Eltux

Find 20 Cobalt and take the offering to Antyklime Ax


The Eliacube is an artefact created by the Eliatrope people. It's as powerful as it is mysterious. Just like Zaaps, the World of Twelve's magical transportation portals, the Eliacube uses creative energy: Wakfu. It was also made from this same energy, hence its magnificent blue glow!