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Viviantho is the Meridia of Learning. He's been with you all your life, and will stay by your side so long as you keep learning new things. That's right: when you first used your potty, rode a tricycle and tied your first pair of Gobboots, he was right there. Ahh, 15 was a great age for you, wasn't it?

The Meridian Effect

We learn things every day, from the cradle to the grave, but even more today than usual! If you don't have anything else to learn, you should probably take a few dance classes, unless you want to look like a dozy rhino the next time you're invited to a ball.

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Experience points
Experience gained in the Cradle area is increased by 100%.

Quest: Offering for Viviantho

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Find 7 Tofu Feather and take the offering to Antyklime Ax


Yugo sure doesn't beat around the bush when making his way along the path of Wakfu: he follows his dragon-brother Adamai's instructions and advice. Patience he must have, if to control his powers he wants.