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Silouate is the Protector of Aperirel. His sulfurous breath helps him melt the frost and ice covering the World of Twelve. His secret: a powerful de-icing liquid made from an herbal base and bovine fluids which he consumes before each of these interventions. It's said that he always keeps a barrel at hand, which he shares with his friend Sumens, during their little nights out…


Adventurers born under the sign of Gobball are impulsive. Confronted by the smallest obstacle, Gobballs will charge, heads down, even if it means chipping their horns on the way. Their spontaneous character sometimes drives them to commit acts that they may end up regretting. Gobballs are known to go against their parents and become the Black Gobbly of their family.

Every year, as winter becomes spring, Kwaks start laying more eggs than usual. So to celebrate the return of the warm weather, people cook them in a variety of ways. So much so that they end up feeling sick, and let out a "Kwak" of disgust with each mouthful!
Etnop is the Meridia of eggs. He wouldn't give them away for anything in the world. That's why he watches over them like a mother Piwi, up to the point that he hides some of them to stop people getting their hands on them! And you'd better not break them; it's egg for an egg, tooth for a tooth!

The Meridian Effect

Today, you'll be able to cook yourself an egg! Even several of them! Fried, soft-boiled, jellied, or in an omelet; you'll collect more eggs than in an entire year! Fleaster is the chance to share an giant omelet with your friends… or to have a rotten egg battle!

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Repeatable quest
A special repeatable quest is available today near the Masqueraider Temple. It is available to players of level 20 or higher and is not attached to the offering quest.

Quest: Offering for Etnop

Find 4 Limestone Dreggon Egg and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

WAKFU quest


DOFUS Touch bonuses and quests

Bonus: Experience points
Experience gained in the Feudala area is increased by 100%.

Quest: Offering for Viti

Find 3 Bangartifoux Hairs and take the offering to Antyklime Ax


The Dofus are Dragon eggs with extraordinary powers. It is said that the one who manages to bring them all together will become equal to the Gods. But the mystery surrounding them is so well kept, that they're almost impossible to find! Except for chocolate ones… if that!