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Rosal is the Protector of Maysial. Thanks to his telepathic gifts and his profound empathy, he can feel the emotions and read the thoughts of other living creatures. A power which lets him help others to come out of their shells, but which is, frankly, not a walk in the park.


Adventurers born under the sign of Dopples generally suffer from an inferiority complex. They're always comparing themselves to others and adopting them as role models. They are very observant and won't think twice about copying those that they admire, to later become just like them.

Ani is the Meridia of compassion. He causes people to be filled with pity, even the heartless. It's said he's even capable of making Enutrofs shed a tear in a beggar's presence. However, getting a kama or two out of them is another story entirely!

The Meridian Effect

Today, you'll be very sensitive. Your compassion will be such that you'll pity all you cross. After all, that poor creature that someone slaughtered for its fur, or that crushed Bow Meow, that could be you…

DOFUS bonuses and quests

Bonus: Reward Bonus
The reward bonus on groups of monsters increases every 3 hours in the Kaliptus Forest area.

Quest: Offering for Ani

Find 2 Koalak Forester Hair and take the offering to Antyklime Ax

DOFUS Touch bonuses and quests

Bonus: Lucky stars
Stars will appear on monster groups more quickly than usual in the Kaliptus Forest area: one star will appear every 5 minutes.

Quest: Offering for Ani

Find 2 Koalak Forester Hairs and take the offering to Antyklime Ax


Missiz Freezz was a Xelor from the Dofus Era. She was a disciple of Hotari Honza, a Smithmagus, before he pulled her eye out and before she killed him. She was also married to Victor Freezz, before he cheated on her and she killed him… But, aside from having no pity at all, she was a very charming woman.